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If you are a property owner or investor seeking septic repair companies in South Jersey, reach out to Starr Septic today. We are an established septic services and general contracting firm that services septic systems throughout the South Jersey region. Our customers know that the big blue star on our trucks stands for quality.

Starr Septic Services is a South Jersey septic service business with a focus on Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem and Atlantic Counties. Our septic services business is a division of Starr General Contracting. We are centrally based in Franklinville, NJ and have been serving the needs of local homeowners and businesses for over 30 years.

Septic Repair Companies in South Jersey Services

There are multiple signs to be aware of when your septic system is failing…the toilets run slowly, the drainfield is consistently wet, the water level could be higher or lower than its outlet, or there are bad odors emerging from the tank area. Should your property be showing these signs, don’t wait. Contact us for an inspection and repair and correct the problem before it grows much worse.

We provide an array of septic services, including:

Septic inspections
Septic installations
Septic repairs
Septic pumping
Grease trap pumping
Portable toilet rental

If your septic system is failing, Starr Septic Services can evaluate the situation and recommend a repair or replacement. We have salvaged many septic systems by pumping them down and treating them with bacteria. Other systems may require a more invasive approach that involves excavation and replacement of the drainfield system or tank. These repairs can be more costly. That is why it is so important to have your septic system regularly pumped and maintained.

Let our experts handle your septic system repairs. Reach out to us today or use this form to request a free quote. We’ll help correct your system’s problems and keep it running strong.

Do you need other construction services for your home or place of business in South Jersey? Reach out to Starr General Contracting for your other needs as well…including plumbing services, dumpster rental, electrical work and repairs, painting and drywall and much more. Starr General Contracting has been serving the South Jersey region since 1984…look for the big blue star!