Luxury Restroom Trailer

In addition to portable toilets, we also have an on-site luxury restroom trailer that can be delivered to any one of your special events. The luxury restroom trailer can be at any event, it houses multiple fully operational bathrooms inside that are serviced by the professionals at Starr Septic. You’ll never have to worry about a porta potty destroying a large area of your grass again when you go with our luxury trailer option! Our luxury option comes in by truck and can be placed virtually anywhere! Our luxury trailers are also friendly to those who need assistance with walking, our trailers come equipped with double handrails on either sides of the steps to stabilize you as you walk up the stairs, our bathrooms inside the trailer are also spacious inside so there is plenty of room for you to be comfortable. This cozy unit has all the comforts of home including: running water, real toilets, real sinks and private men’s and woman’s sides. Our portable restroom is perfect for corporate events, fundraisers, churches, graduation parties and large outdoor BBQ events.

  • Real Working Toilets
  • Real Working Sinks
  • Large Restrooms
  • Ultimate Privacy

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