Advanced Treatment Units

If your septic system is failing on you, Starr Septic Services can evaluate the situation and perform one of our advanced treatment units. Advanced Treatment units are specialized systems that are used in septic systems to provide additional treatment of wastewater beyond what a traditional septic system is capable of. An advanced treatment unit is often used in situations where the soil or water table conditions make it difficult for a traditional septic system to function properly, or where a higher level of treatment is required by local regulations.

Our Starr Septic team has salvaged many septic systems by simply pumping them down and treating them with bacteria. Other systems may require a more invasive approach that involves excavation and replacement of the drainfield system or tank. These repairs can often be more costly. That is why it is so important for to have your septic system regularly pumped and maintained.


Signs your Septic System is Failing:

  • Slow Toilets
  • Wet Drainfield
  • Water Level Lower that Outlet
  • Water Level Higher than Outlet
  • Bad Odors From Tank Area

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