Septic Pumping in Shiloh, NJ

Septic Pumping in Shiloh, NJStarr Septic Services is the only choice you need for septic pumping in Shiloh, NJ. We are located close to you in Franklinville, and we offer full septic services to both residents and businesses throughout Cumberland County. We employ professionals who can pump your septic system, keep it functioning, and address any needed fixes.


Depending on the volume of your tank and its usage, your septic system should be pumped on a regular basis, usually every 2-3 years. Sludge builds up in the tank over time, which leaves less space for water. If the tank isn’t pumped soon enough, the septic system could back up and cause flooding and expensive water damage. Your system can also become damaged if it isn’t pumped on a regular basis, ultimately leading to a much more costly replacement.

While you can take on the task of pumping your system yourself, it’s much easier and less risky to leave the task to a trained professional. The team at Starr Septic can get the job done for you and leave you to handle better things with your time. We thoroughly clean out the sludge from your tank and safely dispose of the waste in a compliant manner. Starr is fully licensed, insured, and PSMA certified.

We also take the time to fully inspect your septic system, look for any wear and tear, and address any needed repairs. If we see that your system is starting to fail, we’ll take steps to salvage it with pumping and bacteria treatments. If need be, we can fully replace your drainfield or tank. New installations do come at a higher cost, though, which is why it’s strongly recommended to have your system pumped on a regular basis.

Starr Septic is a division of Starr General Contracting, a family-owned company that has been serving the area since its founding in 1984. 

Don’t take chances with your septic system. Call Starr today or use this form to request a quote for your septic pumping in Shiloh, NJ, and trust your septic pumping to the team that does it right and at a fair price.

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