Septic Pumping in Millville, NJ

Starr Septic Services is the only team to call for your septic pumping in Millville, NJ. We’re located a short distance away in Franklinville, and we provide a complete list of septic services for businesses and residents in the area. We employ certified technicians that pump your septic system properly, keep it running smoothly, and perform any needed repairs.

The recommended frequency of septic pumping varies by tank size and volume of usage, but in general your system should be pumped every 2-3 years. As sludge builds up in your tank over time, it leaves less space for water. If left unchecked, this will cause backups and tank failures that require more expensive repairs. Septic tanks that aren’t pumped regularly will ultimately break down and need to be replaced…which is a considerately more expensive and preventable outcome.

It’s possible to pump your septic system on your own, but it’s far easier and safer to leave the job to professionals. We can thoroughly clean out the sludge in your tanks through our trucks, and we stay fully compliant with state and federal waste removal regulations and will dispose of your waste properly. We are PSMA certified, and we are fully licensed and insured in NJ.

While our techs are pumping your septic system, we’ll be sure to inspect it for potential wear and tear problems, and handle any repairs that are needed. If your system is failing, we may be able to resuscitate it with bacteria treatments, or by replacing the drainfield or tank. These additional fixes, unfortunately, come at an extra cost, which is why it’s always a good idea to pump your system regularly.

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