Gloucester County Grease Trap Pumping

Gloucester County Grease Trap PumpingIf you are a local restaurant owner searching for professional Gloucester County grease trap pumping services, try contacting the experts at Starr Septic Services. Starr Septic is based in Franklinville, NJ, and we provide septic and grease trap cleaning services for businesses in all of Gloucester County. Starr Septic is a family-owned company and we are a division of Starr General Contracting.

Your grease trap’s cleanliness and function is vital for your restaurant’s business and for protecting the landscape. If a grease trap becomes clogged from large amounts of oils and animal fats, it can clog pipes and release untreated sewage into the environment. The EPA estimates that grease is the primary cause of sewer blockages. Much like a septic system, it’s important to pump and clean a grease trap regularly to keep it functioning without unsightly backups and avoid producing toxic waste.

Don’t take the chance of a clogged grease trap and the potential problems. Reach out to the professionals at Starr Septic!

Your Gloucester County Grease Trap Pumping Pros

Let our team of septic experts keep your restaurant safe, clean and compliant with regards to grease traps. At Starr, we are fully licensed and insured, and have been serving restaurants and homeowners in the county for over three decades. Our clients know the big blue star on our trucks means quality workmanship at a fair price.

The Gloucester County grease trap pumping professionals at Starr are expert trained technicians. We bring the necessary equipment to clean, pump and repair damaged grease traps. Our team currently contracts with a number of South Jersey restaurants. Believe us, we’ve dealt with even the worst of poorly maintained grease traps! We’ll make sure that your business is safe from the odors and additional potential problems of filthy grease traps.

In addition to grease trap pumping services, we offer several other commercial cleaning systems to restaurants in Gloucester County. When in need of septic pumping, commercial septic inspections, or septic system installation and repairs, call on Starr. We have the experience and expertise to keep your systems safe and running smoothly.

Whatever your grease trap or septic service needs, contact the professionals at Starr for a free quote. Look for the trucks with the big blue star!