Camden County Septic Pumping Services

Starr Septic Services is your destination for Camden County septic pumping services. Starr is based in Franklinville, NJ, and in most all cases we can travel to Camden County when you need septic pumping services.

If a septic system is a part of your home or business, you probably know that you should be maintaining it properly and regularly. Infrequent pumping or waiting too long to do so can lead to backups, flooding, and expensive property damage. It’s important to keep your septic system maintained on a regular basis.

Starr is fully licensed and insured in the state of New Jersey, and we provide septic services for homeowners and businesses throughout the region. When our clients see the big blue star on our trucks, they know they can expect professional, quality work.

Camden County Septic Pumping – Starr Services

Reach out to us today for your septic pumping needs, including:

Septic Pumping. You should pump your septic system regularly, at least every three years or so. Should you wait too long, your toilets could back up and cause flooding. Starr’s Camden County septic pumping services team is ready to help keep your septic systems functional and your home free from water damage.

Grease Trap Pumping. If you are a restaurant owner in need of grease trap cleaning, call us…the team at Starr are expert technicians who have the skills and equipment to clean and pump grease traps. We handle the grease trap pumping needs for several South Jersey restaurants, and we’ve dealt with the worst of them.

Septic Inspections. If you are a potential home buyer or seller in Camden County, have the professionals at Starr perform a tank inspection that goes beyond a home inspector’s requirement and ensures that the system is safe and works as designed. We stand behind every inspection we do.

The Starr team can also fix systems that are damaged by improper pumping. We have the equipment and know-how to excavate drain field systems and tanks. If need be, we can replace your septic system entirely, and we’ll handle the obtaining of municipal permits and approvals.

We’re ready for any of your Camden County septic pumping service needs. Contact Starr today or click here to request a free estimate. We can keep your system clean and running properly, and you worry-free!

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