Affordable Septic Inspections

Affordable Septic InspectionsStarr Septic Services is South Jersey’s professional choice for affordable septic inspections. We are situated in Franklinville, NJ, and we provide septic services for residents and businesses throughout Gloucester, Camden, Cumberland, Salem and Atlantic Counties. Whether you are a real estate agent looking for a reputable firm for inspections, or a potential home buyer with concerns, we’re here to help you ensure that a potential new home has a solid and working septic system in place.

Starr is fully licensed and insured in New Jersey, and we have been serving South Jersey now for over three decades. Our clients know that the big blue star on our trucks stands for quality service at a fair price. Starr Septic is a division of Starr General Contracting, a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the South Jersey region since 1984.

Why You Need Thorough + Affordable Septic Inspections…

When you are buying a home, you should take care to have the entire septic system inspected. When home inspectors review septic systems, they only need to inspect plumbing and septic lines indoors. A septic tank inspection requires an experienced professional to ensure that the complete system is working properly. Similarly, when selling a home, the homeowner is responsible for arranging a septic inspection before putting the house on the market.

Real estate agents throughout South Jersey refer their buyers and sellers to us because our affordable septic inspections are thorough, honest and fair. We also stand behind our inspections, because we know the importance of reputation for real estate agents. Our team of inspectors are PSMA-certified and have the skills to effectively evaluate safety concerns.

In addition to our thorough and affordable septic inspections, Starr Septic also cleans and repairs septic systems as needed. We can pump septic systems on a regular basis to keep them running efficiently. We also handle new system installation from designing and submitting plans to obtaining permits. Finally, we can repair salvageable septic systems using excavation if necessary. If you are a restaurant owner, we can clean and pump your grease traps as well.

Whatever your septic system needs, contact the experienced pros at Starr today. Or contact us online…click here to request a free, competitive estimate. We can ensure that your septic systems are running properly from top to bottom. Look for the trucks with the big blue star…that means quality, affordable septic service!