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Cape May County Septic Pumping Services

Cape May County Septic Pumping ServicesIf you’re searching for Cape May County septic pumping services, try the experienced professionals at Starr Septic Services. Starr is a Franklinville, NJ based septic service company, and in most cases we will travel to Cape May County to provide our services. We are fully licensed and insured and have been serving the needs of South Jersey homeowners for over 30 years. Our customers know that the big blue star on our trucks means quality work.

Our full array of septic services includes:

Septic Pumping. It is crucial to pump your septic system on a regular basis, generally every three years. Waiting too long to have the system pumped can result in toilet backups and flooding. Our septic pumping teams are ready with trucks to efficiently keep your systems functional and your home safe from damage.

Grease Trap Pumping. If you are the owner of a local restaurant and require Cape May County septic pumping services, the expert technicians at Starr will bring the equipment and skills to clean, pump and repair grease traps. Starr is currently handling the grease trap pumping needs for a number of South Jersey fast food restaurants, and we’re experienced in dealing with even the worst grease traps.

Septic Inspections. Starr performs thorough and honest septic inspections that go beyond the basics that a home inspector will check. For home buyers and sellers, a qualified tank inspector is required to ensure the system is working as designed and is safe. Starr stands behind every inspection we do.

When pumping isn’t enough, Starr Septic Services can repair damaged systems through pumping and treatment, or excavation of drain field systems or tanks. If you need your system replaced entirely, we can design and install a new one, including obtaining permits and approvals from the municipality.

Don’t wait to make the call for your Cape May County septic pumping services needs. Contact the experienced professionals at Starr Septic Services today for a free estimate. We’ll keep your system running properly and worry-free.